Our experience is that the technology available to help those with neurological conditions is it very often inadequate; considered low priority by innovators because of the relatively low volume of users. While this is understandable from a commercial point of view, there is an alternative perspective;

That those who are having to fight often quickly debilitating and terminal conditions and who need the technology as an essential part of life (not an option) , find that they are not able to access Technology that is evolving around them in other sectors. 

We have seen evidence of assistive technology teams being bought by large tech organisations, and the technology integrated into commercial products and in doing so, cancelling the opportunity for the technology to be used for its original, assistive purpose.

We have a vision for assistive tech and the opportunities that lie ahead. Almost all of these are in production or are inevitable; the question is only of timing. How soon can these technologies become available so that the assist those who need them most?

Our goal is to promote and persuade others to see the opportunities in accelerating the development of assistive technology for communication, creative and immersive uses. 

Opportunities (v draft!) 

VR experience 

In ear notifications 


Eye tracking 

Passwords via fingerprint / retina / gaze 

No loss of privacy 

Live in an expanded world not a contracting one


Controlled recreational drug use

Environmental controls 

Speed of communications with others 


Finally, we urge manufacturers and organisations specialising in assistive tech to focus on the system level assistive functions available across the Apple iOS operating system. A system wide implementation like this has enormous potential, given the estimated install the base of 1 million devices and 600 million users worldwide. Our experience so far is that many organisations, including the NHS have not faced up to the potential, but instead still rely on older windows based technology.